First 24 Hours After a DUI Arrest

Hire YOUR Defense Team.

Since criminal cases begin so quickly, you need to hire your defense attorney as soon as possible. Our team includes former prosecuting attorneys who have defended thousands of DUI cases over the years.

Defend your case.

Once our defense team is on board, we begin thoroughly reviewing your case. Some of the many things we focus on include:

  • Was the traffic stop valid and lawful?
  • Did the arresting officer correctly administer the field sobriety test?
  • Were you properly read the Implied Consent Warnings and the Miranda Warnings?
  • Was the breath test administered correctly or was the machine in proper working order?
  • If you declined to take the breath or blood test, was there a legally excusable reason to decline?
  • Are there any other legal issues in the case which could become motions to dismiss or suppress evidence in your case?

Keep Your License From Being Taken Away.

In Washington State, the Department of Licensing will suspend or revoke driving privileges after an arrest. Drivers have only 20 days in which to request a hearing to keep their driver’s license. If you do not prevail in your DOL case, you will receive a suspension or revocation of your driver’s license of the following duration:

  • 90 days – If your BAC is .08 or greater (.02 if you are a minor)
  • One year – If you refused to take a breath or blood test
  • Two years – If this is your second or subsequent DUI or refusal

Our experienced defense team will assist you in keeping your license after a DUI arrest.