Defending military personnel accused of misconduct is a highly specialized practice area. Your career and your liberty are on the line. We know the military justice system. Jeffrey A. Lustick served as an officer in the Judge Advocate General’s Corp of the United States Air Force. Mark A. Kaiman served as an NCO in the Golani infantry brigade of the Israel Defense Forces. We’re more than just lawyers. We served with pride, too.

Your military law matter may be a General, Special or Summary Court Martial. You may be facing an Article 15 non-judicial punishment, Adverse Personnel Action, or an Administrative Discharge Board. The highly skilled attorneys and military veterans at Lustick, Kaiman & Madrone are there for your military justice issue.

Basic Rights & Other Information

Your Basic Rights
  1. The right to an attorney at all stages of the proceedings.
  2. The right to remain silent, and not testify against yourself.
  3. The right to confront the government’s witnesses, and cross examine them.
  4. The right to call your own witnesses to aid in your defense.